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Kruse, Fabian [Fabian] - 22. May 2019, 11:55

Crowdfunding ILIAS 6.0

Help us to implement this concept of ILIAS 6!
While the release of ILIAS 5.4 is still fresh, we are already working on the next version of our LMS. ILIAS 6.0 will introduce major improvements, focusing on three main areas:
  • The ILIAS navigation will be streamlined, making it easier than ever to access your content.
  • ILIAS 6 will be mobile-first - while maintaining full desktop support, usage on smartphones will be vastly improved.
  • The look and feel will be modernised and it will be even easier to customise.
In order to realise all these improvements, ILIAS users are joining forces in a crowdfunding. This crowdfunding has been very successful so far, with several companies and institutions contributing almost 300.000 euros.

We’re still not quite there, though. In order to implement the whole concept, another 54.000 euros in funding are required. To help us reach this sum, any amount is welcome.

If you can contribute to this important project, please contact Hansjoerg Laeuener (University of Bern) by email. Hansjoerg is coordinating the crowdfunding and will gladly help you to match your contribution to an open work package.


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