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Kunkel, Matthias [mkunkel] - 30. Sep 2014, 23:07


The formerly called 4.5 version of ILIAS is now renamed into ILIAS 5.0 due to the fundamental changes in the user interface and skin. ILIAS 5.0 is using Bootstrap as underlying HTML and CSS framework. This improves the responsiveness of ILIAS and its use on mobile devices. In addition, it offers much more possibilities to design the ILIAS interface and UI workflows. Together with the integration of Bootstrap framework into ILIAS, a new skin for ILIAS has been developed.
The new skin and the new iconset have been presented at the ILIAS conference in Bozen, Italy. They are already available for demo and testing purposes at the test installation of version 5.0, see
Iconset and skin are still open for discussion. Several parts of ILIAS still have to be adapted to the new look within the next weeks. Feedback on the design revision is highly appreciated. Please add your comments to this page or to the Design Revision page in the Feature Wiki.


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