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Kunkel, Matthias [mkunkel] - 28. Aug 2014, 21:17

Update Iconset

Developing a new iconset is one of the major tasks within the ILIAS Design Revision. But - the images directory of ILIAS 4.4 contains more than 800 icons - also because the same icon exists in different sizes. Because we want to move from a comic pseudo 3D-style to a flat icon design, all these icons have to be revised.
The number of icon files will decrease with 4.5 anyway when we introduce .svg support - and do need only one file per icon henceforth. Nevertheless, we needed to discuss every single icon with graphic designer Carolin Wanner who takes care of the revision of the ILIAS iconset.
Existing icons and how they should be changed
Often the existing Nuvola icons only need to be redesigned. In some cases we will use a suitable glyphicon from Bootstrap UI - which is also integrated in ILIAS as part of the Design Revision. But sometimes we also rethought the statement of an icon and decided to use another metaphor for it.
Even if we try to find the best solution for every single icon, some of them might still be perceived controversially. We invite all members of the ILIAS community to contribute to this discussion and to find the best solution for each of the hundered of icons. We will use them in ILIAS for the next years - and it is worth the effort to find a good and sustainable solution.


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