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Kunkel, Matthias [mkunkel] - 26. Wrz 2012, 08:43

Taxonomies in Glossaries

A glossary is a powerful tool to collect and define terms and definitions and make this knowledge available for a course or learning community. The ILIAS glossary does not only allow to add text but also images, videos or audio files. And it supports several definitions for one term. The bigger a glossary gets, the higher is it's value for learners. But even if there are several options to explore a glossary like a search or alphabetical navigation, users get sometimes overwhelmed of the number of glossary entries and prefer to have a kind of structure in this list of terms. With 4.3 this problem has been solved with the introduction of taxonomies in glossaries.
Presentation of terms in glossary
Until now, all terms of a glossary were presented on one list or filtered by their leading character (A, B, C, ...). With the new version 4.3 you can define a taxonomy and nodes for your glossary and assign each term to one node. This allows users to focus on terms of a specific category, see example below.
Glossary shows only terms assigned to taxonomy node "Organisation".
Taxonomies were created in the glossary's settings. They are organised in a tree and can have several sub-nodes. A term can be assigned to multiple nodes.
Assigning a term to a taxonomy node
The taxonomy feature is also available in question pools and will be extended to other ILIAS tools in future versions.


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