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Kunkel, Matthias [mkunkel] - 15. Jun 2012, 11:45

Identifying Global Roles Easily

In 4.1 we removed the description text for roles in the object permission matrix (see first screenshot below). This has been done to reduce clutter and improve usability. Instead of showing always the type of role (global or local node where the role has been created) this information has been moved into a tooltip. But sometimes I am missing the option to see immediately which of the roles in the matrix are global and which local ones. Now I have made a little change in my role administration to make this possible!
Object Permission Screen in 4.0
Object Permission Screen in 4.2
To identify global roles easily I have only changed the notation. All global roles are capitalized (e.g. USER) while local roles are written as usual (e.g. Developer) - see following screenshot.
Global roles are easily identified through their notation
Now you see immediately that there is a difference between the three (global) roles left and the (local) one at the right side. And the screen is still clear and uncluttered.
Additionally, I have renamed the "Anonymous" user to "PUBLIC" - not only because this reduces the column's width but also because I want to see if this is maybe the better title for the role that offers access for public users - in the meaning of non-registered users (we also use "Public Area" not "Anonymous Area").
If these changes are improving usability I will suggest them for becoming part of 4.3. Therefore I am very interested in your opinion.


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