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Kunkel, Matthias [mkunkel] - 12. Avr 2013, 09:08

4.4 With New Explorer Class

A new implementation of the explorer that represents tree structures in ILIAS has been developed and committed this week by Alexander Killing. It is part of the development activities to remove framesets from ILIAS for 4.4. A first impression of its look & feel can be evaluated at the ILIAS 4.4 test installation.
The first thing you see when opening the explorer tree in 4.4 is that the tree is no longer separated from the main menu. The tree is now placed under it (see screenshot).
Explorer in Repository
You will experience the same when starting an ILIAS learning module in toc2win layout. All trees that are used in the different ILIAS object types will be embedded in the content page and no longer placed in an own frameset left of the main menu and content. As a result the look of the ILIAS user interface becomes more consistent. And with this step ILIAS fulfills another HTML 5 requirement as framesets will no longer be supported by this latest HTML standard.
The implementation of this feature has not been finished yet so there still might be changes in the next weeks. And not all explorers are already moved to this new class. But you may already test and evaluate this feature with the repository or the ILIAS learning modules on our 4.4 test installation and give us some feedback. Simply write a comment to this posting below.


18. Avr 2013

Hi Sven :
Really good question about framset and SCORM.
I think could be great if we can launch a SCORM content in a lightbox. The lightbox are great option insted of popup window in browser.
Please to consider lightbox for to launch some content like SCORM content, video media and Glossary.
15. Avr 2013

Hi guys :
I don't like a lot this solution cause the menu push the content and make the page wider.
Here my idea for a floating menu :
What do you think ?
Image de l'Utilisateur: Macoperator
Kornmann, Sven [Macoperator] - 12. Avr 2013

Will the new non-frameset apply to SCORM learning modules as well – will there be any changes in the way SCORM is embedded in 4.4?