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User Interface

Note that as of ILIAS 5.2 new user interface components need to be added as kitchen sink elements. See: UI Kitchen Sink

1 List of User Interfaces in ILIAS

The UI-Components are currently refactored to be integrated into the UI Kitchen Sink.

2 Projects

The following projects are planned or have been realised for this component:

3 Suggested Features

List of suggested features - please add new requests below in alphabetical order [1] )
Already Suggested
  1. add css class target and active to style-editor
  2. Alternatives for Repository Tree Picker for Container Operations Move, Copy, Link
  3. Async Content Loading
  4. Back Button On All Pages
  5. Creating substyles should start with values of parent style
  6. Default order of sorting for each table column
  7. Deleting Sub-Styles
  8. Design for the Maintenance Page
  9. Design Revision Part 2
  10. Different styles of status messages
  11. DR 5.1 - Issue 03: Scrollable Drop Downs over Scrollable Background
  12. DR 5.1 - Issue 07: File Input on smartphones and tablets
  13. DR 5.1: Issue 15: Presentation problems when running test
  14. DR 5.2 - Pushing Modals
  15. Error and No Permission Screen
  16. Frameworkless SASS
  17. General Layout and Menu Revision
  18. Global Screen Extension for View/Screen/Layout (Working Title) and embedding in NavigationContext-Service (N/A)
  19. GUI for Chat in Repository
  20. Identicon Generator for Object Lead Images
  21. Improve Start Button in Tests and Surveys
  22. Improved Landing Pages
  23. Improved Presentation of Working Time
  24. Improvement of Typography
  25. Improving Accessibility
  26. Improving ListGUI
  27. Improving Use of Metadata in ILIAS Pages
  28. Indicator for hidden information in settings
  29. KS: Shy Drop Downs
  30. Linebreak in Description Text
  31. Localization for Date Format
  32. Migration to Bootstrap 4
  33. More details for selection of related objects
  34. Move (sub-)settings for additional features to new subtab
  35. Move Add New Item to Toolbar and into Modal
  36. Move entry Organisational Units from Administration to base-level 
  37. Multiple (User) Input Fields
  38. New Table GUI
  39. no current page in Breadcrumb
  40. no current page in Breadcrumb #440
  41. Notification message framework
  42. Page Layout Revision - Questions & TO DOS for ILIAS 7
  43. Progress bar for data upload
  44. Reduzierte Ansicht für „NUR“-Forumsbenutzer
  45. Refactoring ilTemplate
  46. Relabel Core Conepts
  47. Revision of Less Variables - other
  48. Revision of Less Variables for Typographical Elements
  49. Show Import User screen as modal
  50. Skin for Smartphones and Tablets
  51. Split Password Service Template Variable
  52. Streamline layout in PD tabs
  53. Streamlining Grading, Marking and Commenting
  54. Substitute old filter implementation by new one
  55. Template and Organisation of KS-Inventory
  56. Tiny for Smartphones and Tablets
  57. UI - Framework Step 2
  58. UI Footer: Remove version information
  59. Usability Improvements for large screens
  60. User Settings: Configure away General Settings
  61. User-Interaction of layers (On-Click)
  62. Valid (X)HTML
  63. View Service

4 Scheduled Features

The following features have been scheduled / published in ILIAS Release 9:
The following features have been scheduled / published in ILIAS Release 8:
The following features have been scheduled / published in ILIAS Release 7:
The following features have been scheduled / published in ILIAS Release 6:
The following features have been scheduled / published in ILIAS Release 5.4:
The following features have been scheduled / published in ILIAS Release 5.3:
The following features have been scheduled / published in ILIAS Release 5.2:
The following features have been scheduled / published in ILIAS Release 5.1:
The following features have already been developed and published in Release 5.0:

5 Topics that are no features

6 Rejected requests

The following suggestions have been rejected by the Jour Fixe. The reason for this decision has been added to the page. Please feel free to add the suggestion on the agenda of the Jour Fixe again after adding a new reason why this feature has to be realised.

7 Redundant, Outdated and Rejected Feature Requests

Requests that are outdated or redundant (already implemented in other requests)
Rejected Feature Requests

[1] To force a decision about your request, add the page title to the Jour Fixe agenda at the main page of this wiki.

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