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Suggested for ILIAS 9

1 List of suggested features for ILIAS 9

Please add the feature you want to suggest to the following bullet list. Choose a suitable title, format it as a wiki link and save the paragraph. Then click on the red wiki link to create a new feature page.
For more information please follow the instructions at ‘How to suggest a new feature’. Features accepted for ILIAS 9 have been removed automatically and are presented at page Release 9.

1.1 New Suggestions

1.2 Already Suggested but not Scheduled yet

  1. «Manage Members» in Organisation
  2. «Select All» in Favourites
  3. »or« Taxonomy in Question Pools
  4. »Set Online« & »Set Offline« for Manage Screen
  5. 2-Factor-Authenticaten (2FA)
  6. Abandon Assign Materials from Personal Ressources in Competence Records-Tab
  7. Abandon Rich Text Editor for Login Page
  8. Abandon Share Portfolio with all registered Users
  9. Abandon TinyMCE formattings in Exercise
  10. Abandon Tooltips
  11. Acknowledge courses already completed while automatic assignment
  12. Active user session management
  13. Adaptation of the filter to the current Kitchen Sink Element
  14. Add h5p import option for importing portfolio templates
  15. Add pdf export option for downloading submission within an assignment
  16. Additional fields for OpenID Connect (OIDC) SSO
  17. Administrate Individual Plan for Sub Trees
  18. Administration of Tests: Log Data Export Improvements
  19. Administration Overview
  20. Adopt Content: Option to omit only container
  21. Anonymous Comments
  22. Assign skins to roles
  23. Assigning an object to a survey
  24. Assignments with Individual Deadlines
  25. automatic Update of LTI-Consumers
  26. Basic ILIAS APP
  27. Better configuration options for Learning Sequences on the Dashboard
  28. CalDav for calendar
  29. Catalogue View for Repository Items
  30. Centralizing UI-Components Project
  31. Change Default Presentation Types in Groups
  32. Changed language entries for ILIAS 9
  33. Chart
  34. Clarification of Log Data for Tests
  35. Collapse Default Permissions
  36. Column Layout : Same Height for all Blocks
  37. Comment Service get extented by Feedback Messages for Excerises
  38. Comments for Mediacast Items
  39. Competence profiles can be assigned to OrgUnits
  40. Complete ILIAS Installation as LTI Tool
  41. Computing Arithmetic Mean for Questions
  42. Configuration of assignment automation: Repeated enrolment only if relevant assignment criteria still exist
  43. Confirmation-Code and Notification after File-Submitting in Exercise
  44. Considering taxonomy assignments in export and import
  45. Content Snippets in Wiki Pages
  46. Contexts of the editor and entering
  47. Copyright, Artist, License and Alt-Texts for Media in Test Questions
  48. Course Start reminder
  49. Course: Show study programmes course belongs to
  50. Creating A New Feature Page
  51. Creating and editing long taxonomies
  52. Custom Metadata Sets: Add additional Entry in Selection List (Single Choice) and Selection List (Multiple Choice)
  53. Dashboard for cmi5/xAPI-Data
  54. Database: Detecting Violations for Referential Integrity
  55. Database: UTF8MB4 as default Character Set
  56. Date entries for formula fields
  57. Declaration of Data Protection
  58. Delete courses via dashboard
  59. Deletion concepts for xAPI data
  60. Deselecting of Taxonomies in Categories
  61. Detection of existing files
  62. Determine default view for newly created forums in Administration
  63. Didactic Template for Object Types can be set in Settings-tab
  64. Display courserelated Badges in Course Member Gallery
  65. Display Sessions as Standard Item in Standard Listing Panel
  66. Drop «online» for Portfolios
  67. ECS - Build Course Title from CampusConnect / Campus-Management-System Metadata
  68. Efficient Event Handling and Routing
  69. Enable page Overview Block per page
  70. Endpoint for Javascript-PreStatements
  71. eSkript
  72. Expandable Panel for Item Groups
  73. Extend ASQ: Page Content for Questions
  74. Extending ASQ: Competence Assignment for Questions
  75. Extending ASQ: Taxonomy Assignment for Questions
  76. File Upload: CC Selection as Modal
  77. Filter and Default Setting for Copy Process
  78. Filter in »My Portfolios«
  79. Filters and Search Results
  80. For the Record: Re-labeling Booking Tool
  81. For the Record: Re-labeling Glossary Settings
  82. Full Screen mode for images as a greybox
  83. Fully LOM-conformant Metadata
  84. Generalized Management Functions for Referential Integrity
  85. Get rid of client info in permalinks
  86. Global Cache: Replace some Caches with Artifacts
  87. global de-/activation of Taxonomies
  88. Global Sorting for Dashboard Sections
  89. Global Taxonomies
  90. Guided Tour
  91. Handle Export of Objects as Background Tasks
  92. Handling of preconditions in standard listing panels
  93. Help on Additional Languages
  94. Hide individual metadata block
  95. ILIAS page editor for info page - basic implementation
  96. Implement WOPI for File-Editing
  97. Improve Adopt Content (for Courses and Groups)
  98. improve metadata sections on info page
  99. Improve Navigation / Mobile View
  100. Improve Navigation in Videocast view
  101. Improve NIC registration
  102. Improve Page Element »Certificate«
  103. Improve Posting View Navigation
  104. Improve Progressmeter for Learning Modules
  105. Improve Search Slate in Metabar
  106. Improve stability of advanced metadata
  107. Improve the Sharing of Portfolios
  108. Improved Creative Commons Support : add CC0-licence
  109. Improved Handling of Study Programmes in Dashboard
  110. Improved Request Membership Screen
  111. Improvement of global Self Evaluation
  112. Improvement of mail system and mail creation
  113. Improvement of Tag relevance
  114. Improvements for HTML-Frame in Mail
  115. Improvements of taxonomy assignments’ modal
  116. Increasing usability in „My Courses and Groups“
  117. Incremental Indexing
  118. Indexability of Object Types
  119. Insert Anchors via Page Edior
  120. Integration and display of images/media
  121. Interface to get all OER LTI Ressources (ILIAS as tool)
  122. Internal links to Data Collection entries
  123. Internal Search for Metadata
  124. Introduce interruptive modals in the Competence Management
  125. Introduce Mark Schemas in Individual Assessment
  126. Introduce Mark Schemas in Test
  127. Introduce Online/Offline functionality for content page
  128. Introducing gradient in ILIAS Page Editor
  129. Introducing KS-Charts for Poll
  130. Introduction of a new Manage screens
  131. IRSS: Decouple DataCollection from ilObjFile (and use IRSS)
  132. IRSS: Migrate Exercise-Files to IRSS
  133. IRSS: Migrate Forum-Files to IRSS
  134. IRSS: Migrate Profile-Files to IRSS
  135. IRSS: Migrate Tile-View-Files to IRSS
  136. KS-Entry Deck of Cards Selector
  137. KS-ViewControls for Dashboard Sections
  138. Language Settings in User Content
  139. Language Update as Background Task
  140. Language-sensitive Item Group
  141. Launch Random Selection in Exercise
  142. Learning Progress for assignments is shown in presentation table
  143. Learning Sequence: Improve Usability of Objects without Kiosk-Mode (slightly)
  144. Local Mark Schemas in Repo Objects
  145. LTI Data Collection
  146. LTI Group
  147. Mail about expiring validity not sent if another assignment has qualification still valid longer
  148. Mail: Use Markdown for content
  149. Make « Add to Favourites » an AJAX Call
  150. Make detail level of My Courses and Groups on Dashboard configurable
  151. Manual Sorting of Favourites
  152. Manually Add Users from Organizational Unit Subtree
  153. Matching Question – Additional Matching Mode 1:n
  154. Maximum number of bookings per day
  155. Measure Working Time on Test Questions
  156. Membership History
  157. Migrate Blog Overview View to KS
  158. Migrate IRSS for Export Files
  159. Moderator Functions - Approve Wiki-Pages
  160. More self-determination and organisation in the dashboard
  161. Move sub-tab Taxonomy Definition of categories to settings tab
  162. Moving Overview of Assignments to KS Presentation Table
  163. Multi-Language Titles and Options for UDF
  164. New Generic Content Style for ILIAS 9
  165. New Mail Template Context: Mail to Rater
  166. New Page Element »My Badges« for Portfolios
  167. New Plugin Slot for Questions Types
  168. New Question-Type: Date
  169. New Tab in Blog: Keywords
  170. New, accessible Tooltips
  171. News Timeline: pdf-Upload
  172. Node Specific Tools
  173. Object List for Didactic Templates
  174. Open Session Material as Modal
  175. Overview for Registered Session Participants
  176. Page Editor » Advanced Table
  177. Page Editor » Calling Advanced Settings of Page Elements
  178. Page Editor » Code Editing
  179. Page Editor » Column Layout Part II
  180. Page Editor » Configuration of the availability of page elements
  181. Page Editor » Content Snippet Editing
  182. Page Editor » Employing Page Templates
  183. Page Editor » File List Editing
  184. Page Editor » Media Editing » Part II
  185. Page Editor » New Create Menu for Page Elements
  186. Page Editor » New, Responsive Page Templates
  187. Page Editor » Page Editing Improvements
  188. Page Editor » Presentation of Object Sets in Page Editor
  189. Page Editor » Use Anchor with Internal Links
  190. Page Editor » Visual Editing of Links
  191. Page Editor as Mode
  192. Partial quotes
  193. Peer Feedback: Additional Submission Step after Feedback Deadline
  194. Performance optimization by rethinking My staff and Organisational Units
  195. Persisting Help IDs
  196. Plugin Hook for Assignments
  197. Poll as Page Editor Element
  198. Portfolio Template as Start Object for Courses
  199. Possibility to maintain system mails in the mail templates
  200. Presentation of Items WITHOUT Read-Permission
  201. Presenting the Advanced Search
  202. Presenting User Search Results
  203. Profile target level is determined by last competence entry
  204. Project: Establish Referential Integrity
  205. Properly labeling Default-set of permissions
  206. Rearrange Actions of toolbars in which hamburgers eat all entries
  207. Regulation of individual styles via RBAC / via Edit Settings
  208. Remove Tasks from Task List
  209. Remove the input field of Permanent link in Footer
  210. Replace Current Search with Dependency to Query directly from PHP
  211. Report post
  212. Required Alt-Texts
  213. Required and Supported Software ILIAS 9
  214. Restrict Login to Administrators for Maintenance
  215. Revamp Course Relevant User Data
  216. Revamp Thread-Tab of Forum
  217. Revamping Administration User Management
  218. Revamping Forum Messages
  219. Revision of Access to Timings Settings of Objects
  220. Revision of consulting hours in portfolio
  221. Revision of Image Presentation in Wiki-Pages Part 1
  222. Revision of Language Handling in Page Editor
  223. Revision of Settings in ILIAS Test
  224. Role-based editing of portfolios
  225. Rollout taxonomy service to all possible objects within a category
  226. Run Background Tasks in CLI context
  227. Search Results Presentation
  228. Section Editing: Multi-selection of style classes
  229. Security Update Notification for Admins
  230. Seeing course and group events without making an object a favourite
  231. Self-registration: no pre-selection of roles
  232. Send Mail to all Users/Participants
  233. SEO for ILIAS
  234. Separating administration nodes for MathJax and Maps and make it distinct nodes
  235. Set Recommended Content to Tile View
  236. Share answer-Link
  237. Show applied didactic template for item groups in settings
  238. Show availability and preconditions in modal
  239. Show Member View in Toolbar
  240. Show Members in Superordinate Nodes
  241. Show new Tasks in Notification Center
  242. Show Points from Sub Trees
  243. SOAP methods  for populating the calendars for courses and groups
  244. Some Metadata on Info Page is only presented with «Edit Settings»
  245. Split Authentiction Page into Overview and Settings
  246. Splitup ECS Participant View
  247. Status-Sensitive Button Label
  248. Streamline Object Properties
  249. Streamline Usage of Page Editor in Context »DataCollection«
  250. Streamlining and Improvement Authentications Login Page
  251. Study Programme: Automatically Add Users from Organizational Unit Subtree
  252. Study Programme: Customize Front Page
  253. Study Programme: New Action [Remove Certificate] for Members Tab
  254. Study Programme: New Action [Update Certificate] for Members Tab
  255. Study Programme: Page Editor Element for Required Actions
  256. Study Programme: Page Editor Element for Status Information
  257. Study Programme: Quota-Report for all Study Programmes
  258. Study Programme: Show UDF in Member List
  259. Study Programmes shown in «Staff»
  260. Summing up multiple selections of taxonomies
  261. Support for Deep Linking
  262. Support for IMS Common Cartridge
  263. Supported Formats for Media Objects
  264. Survey: «Info» tab can be switched off and new tab «Survey»
  265. Synchronized Start of Test for All Participants
  266. Take over Description from LTI-Ressource
  267. Taxonomy as a function in glossaries and question pools
  268. Test Notifications
  269. Test Player « CTM »
  270. Test Player « Preconditional Test »
  271. Test Player « Self-Assessment »
  272. Test Player « Test in LoC »
  273. Test Question Pool as Independent Object
  274. Test: «Info» tab can be switched off and new tab «Test»
  275. Thread-Icons
  276. Time Scheduling by Poll
  277. Toolbar in Container
  278. Touchscreen: Increase clickable area
  279. Tracking of Videos
  280. Transfer Mail Preview and News Preview on Dashboard into a KitchenSink Elements
  281. Transfer of Mail Presentation into a Standard Item with Lead Image
  282. Transfer Repository Objects to KS Items
  283. Transfer the mail tree into a Combined Slate
  284. Transfering Container Objects to Standard Listing Panel
  285. Transferring Taxonomies in sub-tab Taxonomy of glo, qpl and cat to Listing Panels
  286. Type ahead for Searching Object to Duplicate
  287. Usability Improvement for Columns Control in Table Views
  288. Usability Improvement of Creating a Portfolio from a Template
  289. Usability Improvement Sessions
  290. Use ILIAS page editor in exercise instructions and assignments
  291. Use Presentation Table for Members in Study Programme
  292. Using a remote LTI-Ressource Repository
  293. Validating Import
  294. What Links Here? (titles only) in the sidebar
  295. xAPI: Support for further LRS

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