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Suggested for ILIAS 7

This page was dedicated to collect all feature request for ILIAS 7 (aka 6.1) until feature freeze at April 30, 2020.

1 New feature suggestions for ILIAS 7

Please add the feature you want to suggest to the following bullet list. Choose a suitable title, format it as a wiki link and save the paragraph. Then click on the red wiki link to create a new feature page. For more information please follow the instructions at ‘How to suggest a new feature’. The added suggestions will reviewed regularly and tagged with related metadata for sorting and listing them.

2 Already suggested features for ILIAS 7

The following features have already been suggested and tagged with metadata.
  1. »Course Availability Start« Relative Date for »Remind Users to Participate«
  2. Accessibility Crowdfunding
  3. Accessible Alternative for Drag&Drop Questions
  4. Add a single Text-block to a ILIAS-Survey
  5. Add New Item to Item Group from Action Menu
  6. Adding Questions to a Learning Module from a Question Pool
  7. Additional Administration-Settings for survey and booking-pool
  8. Allow to create introductory text in Item Group
  9. Assign Competence Profiles to Courses and Groups
  10. Blog Improvements: Authors, Inputfield, Cleanup
  11. Calendar View for Booking Tool
  12. Catalogue
  13. Competence profiles can be assigned to OrgUnits
  14. Competence Suggestions interesting for optes, LidA and Kosmic
  15. Competences and competence profiles get tab «Assigned Objects»
  16. Completion Status for Competence Profiles
  17. Computing Arithmetic Mean for Questions
  18. Configurable Behaviour of Link to an ILIAS module field type
  19. Configure Page Editor Elements
  20. Content Recommended by Superior
  21. Content Recommended Through Contacts
  22. Content Snippets in Wiki Pages
  23. Content-Security-Policy
  24. Continuous Testing Mode Usability Improvement
  25. Copyright filter for media objects
  26. Copyright, Artist, License and Alt-Texts for Media in Test Questions
  27. Course Members send Mails to Tutors by Using Member Gallery
  28. Create test questions offline
  29. Creating A New Feature Page
  30. Custom (User Defined) Booking Data
  31. Custom Metadata for Questions in Question Pools
  32. Didactic Templates with Custom Icons
  33. Display learning materials of the Profil Target Level and all levels below
  34. Display starting time
  35. Drill Down Menu for Page Editor
  36. Dwell Time (Verweildauer) per question
  37. Editable page area for competence profiles
  38. Enrolment Object
  39. Extended Test and Item Statistics
  40. Forum: Custom Metadata for Postings
  41. Implement Kiosk-Mode for ILIAS Learning Module
  42. Import / Export User Accounts includes position assignments
  43. Import Booking Objects into Booking Tool
  44. Import QuestionUpdates
  45. Improve Export of Test and Item Statistics
  46. Improve Weblink and Weblink List Handling
  47. Improved branch rules
  48. Improved filter in test question pools
  49. Improved SingleChoice Scales
  50. Improvement of the presentation of competence profiles
  51. Improving «Participant View»
  52. Improving Access Keys
  53. Improving Correction for Text Subset Question
  54. Include Help Package in Release
  55. Including Comments in HTML-Export in Blogs, Wikis, Portfolios
  56. Info Page: QR Code for Permanent Links
  57. Integration of Preconditions in Settings-Tab
  58. Interactive Video - Automatic scrolling in the list of comments
  59. Interactive Video - Automatical scrolling of comment list
  60. Interactive Video - daily forwarding all comments to a specified email address
  61. Interactive Video - editable table of contents / parts of the video (sidebar in player)
  62. Introducing an Object Bar
  63. Introducing IDs for Help Pages
  64. Item Statistic in Pool
  65. Kompetenz-Orientierte Lernpfade
  66. KS Listing Panels with Selection
  67. Local Competence Profiles for Courses and Groups
  68. Manual Scoring: Rework Scoring by Question
  69. Mass Category filtering lists objects from sub-tree
  70. Matching Questions in Learning Modules
  71. Membership History
  72. Migrate News on Personal Desktop to Timeline
  73. MIME Type Checks for File Upload
  74. More metadata for test questions
  75. Multi language support for Advanced Metadata
  76. Multilingualism for Wikis
  77. Multiple Actions for Ownerless Objects
  78. New task: Requests for membership
  79. Numeric Questions in Learning Modules
  80. Object Reporting Panels
  81. Offload image manipulation
  82. Page Editor Media Editing
  83. Page Layout Revision - Step 2
  84. Page-Specific Statistics in Learning Modules
  85. QR-codes to sign up for courses
  86. Question Versioning in Test Object
  87. Randomly Seeded Shuffling of Answer Options for Formative Assessments
  88. Read-only blocks in page editor
  89. Reading Time for Learning Modules and Blogposts
  90. Required Alt-Texts
  91. Results of collecting Actions and Properties of Repository Objects
  92. Role-based Activation of My Workspace
  93. Role-based Activation of Personal Blogs
  94. Role-based Activation of Portfolio
  95. Schema for Headlines
  96. SCORM Cross-Module Database
  97. Searching Users by Competences
  98. Self-Evaluation counts into profile
  99. Separate Deactivate calendar option from Show calendar block option
  100. Sessions relative to course period
  101. Set Media Objects to Deck of Cards in Mediacasts
  102. Show Existing Item Groups in ILIAS Page Editor
  103. Show Learning Objective Title in Edit Mode
  104. Simplify Interaction Between Page Editor and Creation of Objects in Container Objects
  105. SOAP request should get same results as Excel Export
  106. Sorting in SingleChoice Questions
  107. Storing Specific Values for Competence Levels
  108. Streamline and Enhance User Deletion Cron-Jobs
  109. Streamlining Confirmation Screens
  110. Streamlining location of availability
  111. Streamlining Repository Objects are usable as Precondition-Element
  112. Streamlining Repository Objects are usable as Start Objects
  113. Submission formats
  114. Sumscores per Participant
  115. Support Label Import
  116. Suppressing Chapters based on the Main Menu Items
  117. Survey: Info-tab is scrubbed clean, can be switched off, and tab Survey
  118. Tab Overview of integrated Objects
  119. Tile View: Adjustable number of tiles in a row
  120. Understanding where one is and moving up the tree easily
  121. Unique IDs for Test Questions
  122. Updating Questions in running Random Tests
  123. Use ILIAS Page Editor for Welcome and Exit page of LSO
  124. Versioning in Pool
  125. Withdrawl of Consent  provokes deleting User Account

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