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Release 6.0

On this page you can see which features have already been scheduled and implemented for ILIAS version 6.0.
  • List A shows all features that are implemented, approved by the customer and published in trunk.
  • List B contains all implemented features that are already approved by the customer.
  • List C contains all features that are already implemented and now waiting for approval by the customer.
  • List D shows all features that are currently in development and will be implemented soon.
  • In list E you find features that are already settled by contract. Implementation has not started yet.
  • List F includes features that are already funded but are not yet settled by contract. They make their way into 6.0 only if development resources are available.
  • List G contains features which still need additional funding to be realised as desired. Every contribution is highly appreciated!
  • List H is a wish list with features that are scheduled for version 6.0 by the Jour Fixe but require funding to be realised. Without financial support they won't be implemented for the next release.
  • At the bottom you find a list of features with changed behaviour and a list of features that are planned to be abandoned with ILIAS 6.0.
  • Additionally, there is a page Suggested for 6.0 that lists suggested features for 6.0 that have not been discussed yet. This page will be removed after publishing 6.0.0 beta1. After the feature freeze, suggesting features for 6.0 is no longer possible. Features then have to be Suggested for 6.1.
Please contact the ILIAS team if you can offer funding to implement or co-fund a specific feature!
Timeline for 6.0:
  • Feature freeze at April 30, 2019 (deadline to suggest new features for this version)
  • All features implemented and test cases completed until October 29, 2019
  • Release 6.0.0 beta1 and release-6_0 branch planned for October 31, 2019
  • Beginn of testing phase scheduled for November 04, 2019
  • End of testing phase planned for January 31, 2020
  • First stable 6.0.0 release planned for March 13, 2020
  • Planned maintenance for version 6.0: until Summer 2022
Required Software
List of Features
A : The following features are implemented and become part of trunk in release 6.0:
B : The following features are implemented and approved by the customer. They will be committed to trunk soon.
C : The following features are implemented and waiting for approval by the customer:
D : The following features are currently in development:
E : The following features are already settled for release 6.0. Funding is available and an appropriate contract with a service provider has been concluded to implement the feature.
F : The following features are scheduled for release 6.0 and have a declared interest in funding by one or more customers. But they only will make it into the trunk if appropriate development resources are ensured, e.g. by contract with a service provider.
G : The following features are only partly funded and need additional financial support to be implemented as described:
H : The following features are scheduled for 6.0 but still require funding! Without funding these features cannot be implemented for 6.0 and have to be postponed to a later version. Any funding for one of these features is highly appreciated!
This section lists changes of existing objects and components due to bug fixes made for 6.0:
Abandoned Features
The following features are abandoned with 6.0 and have been removed from the ILIAS source code:

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