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Release 5.4

Timeline for 5.4:
  • Feature freeze at April 30, 2018
  • All features implemented and test cases completed at October 29, 2018
  • Release 5.4.0 beta1 and release_5-4 branch published at October 31, 2018
  • Beginn of testing phase at November 02, 2018
  • End of testing phase at January 31, 2019
  • First stable 5.4.0 release published at March 13, 2019
  • Maintenance for version 5.4 ends Summer 2021
Required Software ILIAS 5.4 : list of required third-party software to run ILIAS 5.4

1 List of Features

The following 108 features have been implemented for ILIAS release 5.4. Have also a look at Who Paid What in ILIAS 5.4 to see all contributions to this version.
  1. »Set Portfolio Online« Message in Share-tab
  2. Assignment Type Wiki
  3. Automatic Randomised Formation of Teams
  4. Bibliographic List Item: Filters for Fields
  5. Bibliographic List Item: Manage Labels for unknown Fields
  6. Bibliographic List Item: Sorting of Fields in Detail-View
  7. Booking Pool: Assign Booking Objects to Participants
  8. Booking Pool: Get additional user information in the booking overview
  9. Calendar Selection - Make link target clear
  10. Centralising News Settings
  11. Centralizing online/offline status
  12. Cleanup of Evaluation for All Users-tab
  13. Cloze Question: Answer Specific Feedback
  14. Configurable Connection of Schedule and Sorting in Courses with Learning Plan
  15. Configurable Recommendation Accepting Workflow in Courses with Learning Plan
  16. Content Page: Automatic Learning Progress Determination
  17. Copy Schedule When Copying Courses with Learning Plan
  18. Correct Copyright Default
  19. Correct version handling in file object
  20. Custom Icon for Category Link, Course Link and Group Link
  21. Custom Metadata for Individual Assessment
  22. Custom Metadata in Media Pool
  23. Customisable Main Menu
  24. Date Filter for E-Mails
  25. Exercise: Sample Solution Available After Set Date
  26. Export Submissions along with Peer Feedback
  27. Extend Lock Answers for Key-Feature
  28. Extend Session Participants List with Member Gallery
  29. Extension of Learning History: Encouraging statement and Starting Point
  30. Extract Test Results from the Participant tab and make a separate Tab of it
  31. Filter for inserting media objects from media pool
  32. Filter for personal competency entries
  33. General Kiosk-Mode
  34. Hide Title, Icons and Top Actions
  35. Highlight Tutorial Support in Member Gallery
  36. Implement Kiosk-Mode for Content Page
  37. Improve Usability of List of Portfolios
  38. Improved assignment of materials
  39. Improved Creative Commons Support : Confirmation
  40. Improved Creative Commons Support : Import
  41. Improved Creative Commons Support : Usage
  42. Improved presentation of learning objective status
  43. Improved Question Preview in Pool
  44. Improved Re-Use of Existing Keywords
  45. Improving Mail Management in List View
  46. Include a new generic Content-Style
  47. Introducing Content Page Object
  48. Introducing Learning Sequence Object
  49. Introducing Personal Timeline : »Learning History«
  50. Jump to feedback when requested
  51. KS: Disabled Icon
  52. Let Containers decide on Availability for Sub-Objects
  53. Long Menu Question: Identical Scoring
  54. Mail Templates default selection
  55. Mail to Members for Sessions
  56. Mail: New Columns and Filters for Mail Folder Table
  57. Mail: Option to Hide Mail Settings Tab in Personal Settings
  58. Media Pools: Multiple Media File Import
  59. Metadata for Groups
  60. Multilingual Page Editor for Container Objects
  61. News Items from Plugins (i.e. Repository Objects, ...)
  62. News Timeline: Comments
  63. News Timeline: Images / Media Files in Posts
  64. News Timeline: Like Posts
  65. News Timeline: Notification on Interaction
  66. OER Harvester
  67. OpenID Connect support
  68. Page Element for Portfolios: Learning History
  69. Persistent Storage of Copyright Information
  70. Persisting Certificates
  71. Plugin Slot for user profile data (UDF)
  72. Portfolio: Declaration of Authorship
  73. Presentation of the iCal URL
  74. Profile : Gender
  75. Prompting to Personal Profile in First Access
  76. Reduce Functionality in »Corrections«-tab
  77. Relative Deadlines for Assignments
  78. Relative Schedules in Courses with Learning Plan
  79. Reminder Mails in Courses
  80. Reminders and Notifications in Booking Pool
  81. Reminders in Exercises
  82. Replace WebDAV library
  83. Reporting Panel for Text Assignments
  84. Schedule Dates Appear in Calendar of Courses with Learning Plan
  85. Schedule for Orphaned Mails Cron-Job
  86. Select All on top of tables
  87. Set Containers to Deck of Card Listing
  88. Shortened Breadcrumb
  89. Show test results only after test is passed
  90. Show-More Behavior
  91. SOAP: add method to add objects to Personal Desktop
  92. SOAP: include online/offline status of learning modules in object xml
  93. Sorting for Custom Metadata Sets
  94. Split Session Permissions
  95. Streamlining Message Boxes
  96. Sum up different perspectives to learning in a central area
  97. Support commenting of questions in question pool
  98. Support of OrgUnits in Tests
  99. Support of Positions in Surveys
  100. Survey Type: Self-Evaluation Only
  101. Tooltips for Topbar Entries
  102. Tree Behavior for Categories with Huge Amounts of Data
  103. Tutorial Support for Groups
  104. Uploading Images for Presenting Objects in Lists
  105. Usability: Creating a Portfolio from a Portfolio Template
  106. Usability: Portfolio Content Tab
  107. Use Presentation Table for Participants in Individual Assessments
  108. User: Criteria-based »User Agreement« documents

2 Changed Behaviour

This section lists changes of existing objects and components due to bug fixes made for 5.4:
  1. none

3 Abandoned Features

Removed from ILIAS source code:

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