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Release 5.1

This ILIAS version has reached end of maintenance. Neither bug fixes nor new releases will be offered for this version. We recommend to update your system to the latest version as soon as possible. In case you need to continue with 5.1 you can contact a service provider for merging fixes and keeping your installation up-to-date.
Timeline for 5.1:
  • Feature freeze at April 01, 2015
  • Release 5.1.0 beta1 published at August 28, 2015
  • First stable 5.1.0 release published at December 23, 2015
  • End of maintenance for version 5.1: August 01, 2018
List of Features
The following features have been implemented and are part of release 5.1. If you want to know who has funded features for this major release, have a look at Who Paid What in ILIAS 5.1.
  1. Add New Posting
  2. Add subscript and superscript
  3. Adopting Content for Groups
  4. Auto-fill for Course waiting list
  5. Automatic Linking of Custom Metadata in Wikis
  6. Block Role
  7. Building Teams out of Groups
  8. Carousel
  9. Competence Service for Question Pool
  10. Content-Snippets for Containers
  11. Continue as default
  12. Copy to Multiple Locations
  13. Copying Content from ILIAS Learning Modules into the ILIAS SCORM Editor
  14. Course Contacts and Support Contacts
  15. Course mail templates
  16. Course/Group Cancellation Deadlines
  17. Criteria for assignment reviews
  18. Deactivation of notifications about new memberships
  19. Delete old or orphaned mails
  20. Display Self-Evaluation from 360° Survey in Competence Management
  21. DR 5.1 - Issue 02: Keep Drop-Downs in Viewport / Overlay handling
  22. DR 5.1 - Issue 05: Better presentation of responsive toolbars
  23. Editable team constellations
  24. Editing a blog post by a non-author
  25. Enabling Right-To-Left languages
  26. Export Content of ILIAS page editor
  27. Extended Metadata for Booking Pools
  28. Extending User Activities for Page Editing, Protecting and Deleting
  29. Extensions of Peer Feedback
  30. generic import / export of learning progress for scorm modules
  31. Hide inactive/expired accounts from person search
  32. HTML Export Extensions
  33. HTML Mails with Skin
  34. Improve Multi-Linguality and Translation
  35. Improve Shuffling of Answer Options during Testpass
  36. Improve Usage of Subtitles
  37. Improved Course Presentation in Portfolio
  38. Improved Wiki Search Results
  39. Interpretation of http URLs
  40. Introduce Code for ref id Wildcard in Role Titles
  41. Language Detection via Browser
  42. Learning Objectives-Driven Course
  43. Learning Progress for file objects
  44. Learning Progress for Mediacasts
  45. Learning Progress on visited pages
  46. Learning Progress Settings link to Container
  47. Limit the number of submissions
  48. Link to User Name
  49. Local Custom Metadata
  50. Localization of Client List
  51. Log-Level
  52. Logging Revision
  53. Long Menu Question
  54. Maintenance Jobs
  55. Make peer feedback relevant for passed status
  56. mandatory primary keys
  57. Memory Caching Service
  58. Minimum Number of Participants
  59. Multiple LDAP server configurations
  60. News Notification for Courses and Groups
  61. Nice Presentation of Test Results
  62. Notification for edited Postings
  63. Notification to the author or administrator if a new comment was posted
  64. Online Help: Search
  65. Option to deactivate the file upload possibility
  66. Option to Hide Title of Item Groups
  67. Placeholder for course mails
  68. Portfolios on Personal Desktop
  69. Reactivation Empty Trash
  70. Rename the zip-file-structure of file-upload-questions
  71. SCORM 1.2: Ability to adjust cmi.student data.mastery score by settings (not only manifest)
  72. Search Field in Forums
  73. Search results with additional information - Creation date
  74. Second deadline for late submissions
  75. Selecting recipients for group and course mails
  76. Sending Mails From Learning Progress
  77. Separating Submission and Navigation
  78. Set Link Title in URL-optioned textfields
  79. Set URLs for OSM-mirror and reverse geocoding server
  80. Show label in Print-View
  81. SOAP method for determination of Learning Progress
  82. Sorting of Custom Metadata
  83. Start and End Date for Courses
  84. Start and end dates for schedules
  85. Storing data without session for SCORM 1.2
  86. Study Programme: Introduction of Object Type
  87. Summary Mail comprising News of Groups and Courses
  88. Survey: Introduce Learning Progress
  89. System Check Revision
  90. Time-based activation of sections
  91. Uninstall Plugins
  92. User Connections / Approved Contacts
  93. WAC: Enable Web-Access-Checker by default
  94. WAC: Redesign Web-Access-Checker
  95. Who is online? tool for awareness
Besides the features listed above, several features scheduled for 5.1 were postponed due to missing resources, funding or because of open conceptual questions. You find the list of postponed features here.
This section lists changes of existing objects and components due to bug fixes made for 5.1:

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