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Release 4.4

On this page you can see which features became part of ILIAS version 4.4. Click on a feature's title to read more about it. There is also an overview on Who paid what in ILIAS 4.4. Release 4.4 and can be tested on the 4.4 test platform.
Release history:
  • Feature freeze: 31 March 2013
  • First beta release: 11 October 2013
  • First release candidate: 04 January 2014
  • First stable 4.4.0: 23 January 2014 » Download Info
  • Maintenance of 4.4 ended in July 2016

1 Implemented Features

  1. Abandon Framesets (Status: implemented)
  2. Add to Desktop in My Courses and Groups (Status: implemented)
  3. Advanced Metadata for Glossary Terms / Improved Filter and Taxonomy Presentation for Glossaries (Status: implemented )
  4. Advanced Password Security Options (Status: implemented, except the password history)
  5. Anonymous Peer Feedback (Status: implemented)
  6. Assign Permissions of New Objects to Existing Roles (Status: implemented, change existing objects has to be revised)
  7. Authentication Plugin Slot (Status: implemented)
  8. Avoid Unnecessary Repository Object Creation Permission Checks (Status: implemented)
  9. Automatically link terms in LM to glossary (Status: implemented)
  10. Bewertung nach Fragen (Status: implemented)
  11. Booking Notice for Consultation Hours (Status: implemented)
  12. Captcha for Login Page and Registration (Status: implemented)
  13. Categorize "Add New Item" list (Status: implemented)
  14. Change default background (Status: implemented)
  15. Check E-Mail Address in Self-Registration (Status: implemented)
  16. Checkbox für Mehrfachbuchungen (Buchungstool) (Status: implemented)
  17. Cloze Question Improvements (Status: implemented)
  18. Competence Gap Analysis (Status: implemented)
  19. Competence Profiles (Status: implemented)
  20. Consultation Hour Improvements (Status: implemented)
  21. Content Competence Assignment (Status: implemented)
  22. Continuous Testing Mode (Status: implemented)
  23. Copy multiple objects at once (Status: implemented)
  24. Cronjob for updating contacts (Status: implemented)
  25. CSS Support Blogs Portfolios (Status: implemented)
  26. Custom Icons for Repository Object Plugins (Status: implemented)
  27. Deactivate Mail to Members in Course Settings (Status: implemented)
  28. Direct Download Link For File (Status: implemented)
  29. Display Options For E-Exams (Status: implemented)
  30. Display SVN-Revision (Status: implemented)
  31. Download Multiple Files or Folders (Status: implemented)
  32. Edit lock for wiki pages and/or page elements (Status: implemented)
  33. Emphasized Buttons for Primary Action (Status: implemented)
  34. Enhance Error Text Question to Group Selections of Terms (Status: implemented)
  35. Erweiterung der Auswertungsmöglichkeiten für Fragen  (Status: implemented)
  36. Erweiterte Protokollierung (Status: implemented)
  37. Erweiterung Präsentation Testergebnisse (Status: implemented)
  38. Exceptions for Appointments with Recurrences (Status: implemented)
  39. Extended Category Settings (Status: implemented)
  40. Extended review mode management for SCORM 2004 (Status: implemented)
  41. Extending Data Collection (Status: implemented)
  42. File Search by Extension (Status: implemented)
  43. Feedback Handling in Self-Assessment Questions (Status: implemented)
  44. Formula Question Type (Status: implemented)
  45. Fulltext Search for Internal Messages/Mails (Status: implemented)
  46. Generic Cron Jobs (Status: implemented)
  47. Hard Quota for Personal Workspace (Status: implemented)
  48. HTML Textfield Autocompletion by Browsers (Status: implemented)
  49. ILIAS Cloud Folder / Cloud Interface (Status: implemented)
  50. Improved flexibility for Key-based Registration (Status: implemented)
  51. Improving File Version Overview (Status: implemented)
  52. Improving PDF Generation (Status: implemented)
  53. IMS-M Schnittstelle (Status: implemented)
  54. Individual Icons for Folders in Groups and Courses (Status: implemented)
  55. Individuelle Zeitzugabe (Status implemented)
  56. Internal links to Sessions (Status: implemented)
  57. Internal Link Wiki Page (Status: implemented)
  58. Introduction of Bibliography Object (Status: implemented)
  59. Introducing Organizational Units (Status: implemented)
  60. KIOSK Modus (Status implemented)
  61. Learning Progress for LM Chapters (Status: implemented)
  62. Leveled Ordering Questions (Status: implemented)
  63. Links in Online Help Texts to make Cross-References (Status: implemented)
  64. List of question: redesign travel light (Status: implemented)
  65. Manual sorting of threads (Status: implemented)
  66. Materialized Path (Status: implemented)
  67. Matrixansicht mit Name und Vorname der Nutzer (Status: implemented)
  68. Merging of complete threads (Status: implemented)
  69. Multilingual content support (Status:implemented)
  70. Multiple Choice Image Map (Status implemented)
  71. Nachkorrekturmodus (Status implemented)
  72. No Groups Assigned (Status implemented)
  73. Number of Rows in Tables : second step (Status: implemented)
  74. One Sample Solution For All Users (Status: implemented)
  75. Option to hide header/footer in Print View (Status: implemented)
  76. Page Editor Plugin Slot (Status: implemented)
  77. Participation List (Status: implemented)
  78. Permanent Link to Portfolio Pages (Status: implemented)
  79. Permission to Edit Content of Glossary (Status: implemented)
  80. PDF Storage of e-Exams (Status: implemented)
  81. Pluginslot in Cronjob (Status: implemented)
  82. Portfolio-overview in member area of courses (Status: implemented)
  83. Portfolio Templates (Status: implemented)
  84. Preview Of File Content (Status: implemented)
  85. Rating for Learning Modules and Files (Status: implemented)
  86. Read/Write Access Separation (Status: implemented)
  87. Rebirth of Clipboard (Status: implemented)
  88. Remove from Desktop for Multiple Objects (Status: implemented)
  89. Reorganising Administration (Status: implemented)
  90. Save Paragraph And Add New (Status: implemented)
  91. SCORM 1.2: Determination of session_time by ILIAS instead of SCO (Status: implemented)
  92. SCORM 2004: option to set cmi.exit automatically to suspend (Status: implemented)
  93. SCORM 2004: switch to set cmi.learner_id to LoginId instead of numeric Id (Status: implemented)
  94. SCORM 2004: Store tracking data without session (Status: implemented)
  95. SCORM Offline Player (Status: implemented, 1.2 Issues need to be fixed)
  96. Search for Personal Profiles (Status: implemented)
  97. Selection box in Course Relevant User Data combined with Other-Field (Status: implemented)
  98. Shared Resources Table (Status: implemented)
  99. Sharing personal calendars (Status: implemented)
  100. Show Learning Progress Status in Repository (Status: implemented)
  101. Show Revision Number of Installation (Status: implemented)
  102. Skill Matrix (Status: implemented, documentation and API improvements needed)
  103. Slot for Plugin to sign exams digitally (Status: implemented)
  104. SOAP Function getLearningProgressChanges (Status: implemented)
  105. Sonderzeichen-Editor in Textfeldern (Status: implemented)
  106. Sorting in Survey Statistics (Status: implemented)
  107. Statistics for Mediacasts (Status: implemented)
  108. Subtitles for MP4 Videos (Status: implemented)
  109. Survey Extension: 360° Questionnaires/Self Evaluation (Status: implemented)
  110. Survey Extension: Competence Triggers (Status: implemented)
  111. Survey Participation Reminder and Tutor Notification (Status: implemented)
  112. Taxonomies for Test Questions (Status: implemented, the feature "Presentation of User Solutions According to Taxonomy" will be part of ILIAS v. 4.5.x/optes-branch)
  113. Terms of Services (Status: implemented)
  114. Text Area for Solution (Status: implemented)
  115. Upload all Feedback-Files as one zip-archive (Status: implemented)
  116. Upload Multiple Files (Status: implemented)
  117. Usability Improvements of Assignments and Grading Screens in Exercises (Status: implemented)
  118. Using ILIAS Editor for Questions (Status: implemented)
  119. Weiterleitung zum Warenkorb nach der Registrierung eines neuen Benutzers (Status: implemented)

2 Changed Behaviour

This section lists changes of existing objects and components due to bug fixes made for 4.4:
  • Access to objects assigned to a session will be controlled by ilAccess, see Mantis 10488
  • Renaming wiki pages will not need an "Edit (settings)" permission for the wiki anymore. "Edit Content" permission is sufficient, see Mantis 11246

3 Layout Changes

For ILIAS 4.4 several layout changes have been made, e.g. due to CSS revision and abandonning framesets. Therefore, customized skins need to be revised to run under 4.4.

4 Abandoned Features

  • PHP 5.2 support
  • Administration > User Accounts > Learning Progress (learning progress is accessible via user account edit > learning progress tab)
  • Old ilParagraphPlugins plugins support (does not follow current plugins concept)
  • Distinction between search in contacts and search in system when searching for recipients
  • Learning Modules > Learning Progress > Access Statistics (Unmaintained)

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