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Important Features

The following features are considered as important features for strategic or technical reasons. We should implement them for the next major release and highly appreciate every funding for the development.
Please contact the ILIAS team if you are able to contribute to the funding of one of these features or if you want to put another feature on this list.
Important features for ILIAS that need funding to be implemented are:
  1. General Layout and Menu Revision
  2. Suggestions for an Improved ILIAS Page Editor (outdated)
  3. CLI-Setup
  4. REST Service
  5. Confirmation Screen Guideline
  6. Integrated LTI Support in ILIAS, especially for integrating Media Management Systems like Opencast Matterhorn, MediaMosa and others (see comment below)

Streamlining Features throughout ILIAS

suggested for 6.0
Implemented for 5.4
Implemented for 5.3
Implemented for 5.2
Implemented for 5.1
Implemented for 5.0
Not scheduled yet

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