8.2 (stable)

Release 8.2 has been published on May 17, 2023
  • Please read the ILIAS 8 feature page for information about new and abandoned features and changed behaviour of this version.
  • You find information about first time installation of ILIAS 8 and updating here.
  • Please also have a look at the Required Software for ILIAS 8 page.
ILIAS is free, open source software and published under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

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md5: 0ad52801b6c56ff2a2ec645eca988f34

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md5: c5ccbde69bc22a3028897ca8bcd75ece

Important Changes

  • Services/PDFGeneration
    • Since the development for wkhtmltopdf has stopped and the consumer for the service are regressive, the jour Fixe decided to deprecate the PDFGeneration Service with ILIAS 8 and to remove this service with ILIAS 9
  • Plugins
    • Plugins which provide a configuration screen must add an explicit `ilCtrl` directive in the PHPDoc comments of the `il*ConfigGUI` class.
      • Example:
        • /**
           * @ilCtrl_IsCalledBy ilMyPluginConfigGUI: ilObjComponentSettingsGUI
          class ilMyPluginConfigGUI extends ilPluginConfigGUI
              // Code ...
    • Many public methods of class `ilPluginAdmin` (often considered as public API of the component service in ILIAS by developers) were removed. The class itself is marked as deprecated and will be removed in future ILIAS releases. Plugin developers should use `ilComponentRepository` and `ilComponentFactory` instead. Implementations of these interfaces can be retrieved from the dependency injection container ($DIC["component.repository"] and $DIC["component.factory"]).
    • Please always execute a `composer du` command if you put a new plugin into the plugin directories in your filesystem or if you applied any changes to your `plugin.php`. Otherwise the plugin will not be listed in the global ILIAS plugin administration or may cause other problems.

Known Issues

  1. Calendar: user comment disappears when booking a consultation. See Mantis 36555.
  2. Course: Coyping course with learning objectives fails. See Mantis 36496.
  3. Course: Activating new column in course member view throw error. See Mantis 35557.
  4. Course: Adding a course member to an embedded group fails. See Mantis 36200.
  5. Cron / Trash: cron job for deleting trash crashes. See Mantis 35369.
  6. ILIAS Page Editor: deleting content style causes error. See Mantis 34042.
  7. Learning Sequence: Download of multiple objects leads to error. See Mantis 36631
  8. Mediacast: Podcast view does not update Learning Progress. See Mantis 34302.
  9. Metabar slate closes, once an element loses focus. See Mantis 33346.
  10. Search: Filtering by creation date fails when using direct search (PHP search). See Mantis 35275.
  11. Session: Assigning material to session fails. See Mantis 35217.
  12. Survey: Determination of competence levels in survey causes error. See Mantis 35004
  13. Test: No access to Settings or Info tab in some older tests with preconditions, see Mantis 36296.
  14. Test: No export of test statistics with activated ILIAS Test ID. See Mantis 35383.
  15. Test: No export of results or statistics of tests, if one of the test participants has been deleted in the meantime. See Mantis 35383.

Changed Behaviour

  • [Competence Management] With #31251, the behaviour of achieving competence profiles in container objects changed. From now on, not only competence entries from the object itself have an impact on reaching the competence target, but also all the competence entries from the child objects of the container object.
  • [Competence Management] With #33467, the behaviour of selecting competence profiles in container objects changed. From now on, users cannot select all competence profiles, which they are assigned to, within the container object. Only competence profiles, which were selected in the object (e.g. by a course tutor), will be shown to the user. Additionally, a message box informs the user about the limited selection and offers a link to the global overview of competence profiles.
  • See changes concerning uploading ZIPs and unzipping here: Drag&Drop Files in Container Objects
  • The former administration node 'xAPI/cmi5' has been renamed to 'LRS' because only settings for Learning Record Stores can be edited there. Global administration settings for xAPI/cmi5 do not exist.

  • Working Time in Questions / Test / Question Pool Test has been removed in ILIAS 8.2 with Mantis #36325 in ILIAS Test and ILIAS Question Pool Test.

Updated Languages

  • Japanese language file, thanks to Shiro Tamoto

Security Fixes

#20149: [General] Adding WAC coverage for T&A paths
#35147: [General] Session Parameter in Weblinks 
#37243: [¥ File System] Remote Code Execution through ZIP upload (CVE-2023-32778) (Armin Stock)
#37244: [¥ Init] Possible authentication bypass (CVE-2023-32779) (Armin Stock)
#37249: [¥ Init] Possible Account Takeover via the password reset form (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI))
#37242: [¥ Web Access Checker]: Path Traversal / Local File Inclusion in WebAccessChecker (CVE-2023-31467) (Armin Stock)

Fixed Issues

The following issues reported in Mantis have been resolved:
#37095: [Calendar] Kalender > Cache-Einstellungen werden nicht gesetzt (smeyer)
#36929: [Export] Failed test: Online-Status (ukohnle)
#37288: [Forum] ilDatabaseException nach Upgrade auf ILIAS 8.1 (mjansen)
#37230: [ILIAS Page Editor] Klick in Spaltenlayout (akill)
#37187: [Language Handling] Typo (DE): Feedback-Nehmer erhalten mehrere einzelne Evaluationen durch Feebdack-Geber. (mkunkel)
#36912: [Learning Module ILIAS : Assessment Questions] Failed test: Anordnungsfrage (vertikal) erstellen/bearbeiten (skergomard)
#37339: [Learning Module ILIAS : Assessment Questions] Failed test: Multiple-Choice-Frage erstellen und beantworten (skergomard)
#37340: [Learning Module ILIAS : Assessment Questions] Failed test: Lückentextfrage erstellen/bearbeiten (skergomard)
#37241: [Learning Module ILIAS : Editor] Add subchapters in a ilias learning-Module (akill)
#32198: [Learning Module ILIAS : Presentation] Glossary in learning module: Image entries in tools cannot be maximised (akill)
#32199: [Learning Module ILIAS : Presentation] Glossary in learning module: Accordeon entries in tools cannot be opened (akill)
#36673: [Learning Module ILIAS : Presentation] Woops when trying to start LM (akill)
#36868: [Learning Module SCORM 1.2] Failed test: Manipulierte Protokolldaten importieren (Status ‚Noch nicht begonnen‘) (ukohnle)
#36869: [Learning Module SCORM 1.2] Failed test: Import von Protokolldaten ohne persönliche Daten bei erlaubtem Export von persönlicher Daten (ukohnle)
#36901: [Plugin Slots] RepositoryObject Plugins: Wrong default object type passed to contstructor of ilPlugin (akill)
#34151: [RBAC] Neue Rolle anlegen und Administrationsrechte speichern löst php-Fehler aus (skergomard)
#37353: [Setup] table [table_properties] should be emptied prior creation of 'ilias3.sql' (fwolf)
#37198: [Survey] Umfragen können nicht gestartet werden (akill)
#29121: [Test & Assessment] Cloze question: Answer cannot be added in post-correction mode if difference is only a leading 0 (fhelfer)
#33316: [Test & Assessment] Pre8 Duplicat of your Questions (fhelfer)
#36142: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Fragen importieren (XMLFragen Datei importieren) (jcop)
#36325: [Test & Assessment] Layout for the 'Working Time' of a question has a surplus paragraph/line break (skergomard)
#36506: [Test & Assessment] Failed test: Ergebnisse eines einzelnen Teilnehmers anzeigen lassen (ta-bugs)
#36546: [Test & Assessment] Failed Test: Vorschau/Bearbeitungsmodus einer Kprim-Choice-Frage aufrufen (skergomard)
#36833: [Test & Assessment] Prüfen der Antwort einer Frage im Fragenpool : SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation (skergomard)
#37232: [Test & Assessment] Thumbnail size: Value too low-error: MC-Question (single and multiple answers) (ta-bugs)
#37332: [Test & Assessment] multi line answers (sc/mc question) cannot be saved at first try (skergomard)
#37333: [Test & Assessment] In single line mode, multiple choice questions (SC/MC) always require "thumbnail size" (skergomard)
#37209: [¥ UI Legacy] LegacyForms: `maxlength` attribute always applied in `ilTextInputGUI` (akill)
#37308: [¥ Web Access Checker] WAC: File delivery broken if the ILIAS http path contains path segments (fschmid)