Installation on Windows using XAMPP

Applicable for: Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2
Arsenij, Anton 27.11.2014

1. XAMPP Setup

You can find the latest version of XAMPP (for Windows) here.

If you choose the destination folder C:\ the xampp setup will create a folder at C:\xampp and install the application there. Select all default values during setup. At the end start the XAMPP control panel.

2. Configuring PHP, Apache and MySQL

Edit the file C:\xampp\php\php.ini. Change the settings according to the Configuring PHP (php.ini) instructions. After saving php.ini (re-)start the Apache and MySql servers from the XAMPP control panel.

Start your browser and enter "http://localhost". Choose your language and enter the "Security" section. Set a new MySql root password under http://localhost/security/xamppsecurity.php - after that, restart MySql from the control panel.

3. Installation of Zip, Unzip, ImageMagick and Java

Create a folder c:\tools. Download the latest version of zip and unzip from (try their ftp server at and look for latest and unzip..xn.exe files) and save/extract them to this folder.

ILIAS 3 needs ImageMagick to create and show graphics and thumbnails. You can find it here: Download the file ImageMagick-6.5.4-Q16-windows-dll.exe and start the file. Install it to C:/tools/ImageMagick. After installation you may check the existence of convert.exe in the installation path.

If you plan to use SCORM validation you can optionally download the latest java version from and install it to C:/ProgramFiles/Java.

4. Installation of ILIAS

Create a folder C:\iliasdata and an empty file C:\iliasdata\iliaslog.txt.

Download the latest version of ILIAS from Save and unzip the file under C:\xampp\htdocs\. Remove the .htaccess file in the ilias / ilias3 folder.

Open your browser and enter http://localhost/ilias3/ (for ILIAS version 3.x.x) or http://localhost/ilias/ (for ILIAS 4.x.x). Follow the instructions and enter:
- Path to data directory: C:/iliasdata
- Path to logfile: C:/iliasdata/iliaslog.txt
- Path to Convert: C:/tools/ImageMagick/convert.exe
- Path to Zip: C:/tools/zip/zip.exe
- Path to Unzip: C:/tools/unzip/unzip.exe


- Path to Java: C:/Program Files/Java/jr6/bin/java.exe (depends on your java version)

Finish the installation and enter ILIAS with user 'root' and password 'homer'.

28. May 2013
The Zip and Unzip from, mentioned in paragraph 3, is now a combined program called Wiz. It can be downloaded on the sourceforge page of info-zip. Try the following link-address