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Software Development

Information and guidelines for developing and maintaining the ILIAS software


On this page you find documents and resources about the software development and about the maintenance and customization of ILIAS.
  • Roadmap and Releases gives you an overview on all releases and versions that have been published in the last years and offer links to download the currently supported releases.
  • The Development Guide offers guidance on how ILIAS is developed and contains conventions and guidelines for developers.
  • The Feature Wiki is a documentation of the current ILIAS development activities and about implemented features in the last versions. You can suggest new features here or add comments to planned features.
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General Documents About ILIAS Software

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Downloads of and information on current and past ILIAS releases
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Information about planned and released features
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Frequently Asked Questions about ILIAS development and how to participate
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Feature Workshops

Default place and group to discuss new feature suggestions
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Icon Learning Module ILIAS
Description of general concepts and guidance on the process of ILIAS software development
Icon Learning Module ILIAS
Important and helpful information about installing ILIAS on different operation systems and maintaining it


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Source code management repository for official ILIAS release branches ( 5.0 > ) and development branches (trunk)
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ILIAS API Documentation

API documentation of ILIAS main development branch and published versions – created with Doxygen and SchemaSpy
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Documentation of ILIAS SOAP functionality
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Information about performance tuning for bigger installations, please publish new perfomance suggestions in the "Performance DB" and best practises in the "Best Practises" DB.
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Was ist das Feature Wiki und wie benutzt man es, um neue Features vorzuschlagen oder vorhandene Vorschläge zu kommentieren?
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Language and Localisation

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Links to the language installations of all current ILIAS versions
Icon Learning Module ILIAS
About the ILIAS language concept and how to maintain and customise a language in ILIAS

Testing ILIAS

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Use these ILIAS installations to test ILIAS and to verify bugs and bug fixes. Installations are refreshed nightly from GitHub. O…
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If you need an account, write an email to kunkel at
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Shows who is developing and who is testing which component / module of ILIAS
Icon Learning Module ILIAS
Important information for ILIAS testers and test case authors
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Einführung in die Nutzung von Testrail als Tester und als Autor von Testcases

Groups and Core Team

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