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  • jo.broese | jo.broese | 01. Dec 2018, 17:09
    Certificate (srag) Plugin - missing menu entry

    Hello all,

    after installation of the Certificate Plugin into a virgin ILIAS 5.3 installation, I am missing the course menue entry "Zertifikate" (I mean the plugin-entry, not the entry for the standard certificates). On an parallel 5.3 installation I have the same effect!
    The other items of the plugin are working well, e.g. I can open the page for the certificate types and edit the types.

    I followed step-by-step the install documentation, installing all recommended patches and the JasperReport-plugin (with composer) too. Java server is running and his IP is edit into the administration form. Crontab is edit.

    With a former Certificate-installation in ILIAS 5.1 on the same server (Debian 8, php5, Java 8) one year ago I had no problems, all went very well.

    Have someone an idea?


  • Evan Jackson | evan.jackson | 13. Dec 2018, 14:05
    Edited on: 13. Dec 2018, 14:06 - by Evan Jackson | evan.jackson
    Certificate (srag) Plugin - missing menu entry

    Pure speculation but could you be missing write permissions on the course object? , the UIHook checks if you have write permissions for the course before adding the tab entry.

  • jo.broese | jo.broese | 15. Dec 2018, 19:19
    Certificate (srag) Plugin - missing menu entry
    Hi Evan,

    thanks for your advice.

    I think this is not the reason. For that I did the plugin installation and configuration on the new ilias installation as the standard user "root" with all permissions, I shurely have the write permission. I am creating a course as "root" too and normally the tab "certificate" has to appear, but it doesn't.

    Maybe I did a mistake in the installation steps ( e. g. i wasn't clear A) with the recommended patches wich are still the same as in the elder versions for ilias 5.1 and B) with the composer installation of the JasperPlugin, but this would doesn't matter to this issue, I think)

    In a next step I will try to install the plugin on a fresh server installation for testing if the issue is reproducible.

    Best regards