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  • jo.broese | jo.broese | 01. Dec 2018, 17:09
    Certificate (srag) Plugin - missing menu entry

    Hello all,

    after installation of the Certificate Plugin into a virgin ILIAS 5.3 installation, I am missing the course menue entry "Zertifikate" (I mean the plugin-entry, not the entry for the standard certificates). On an parallel 5.3 installation I have the same effect!
    The other items of the plugin are working well, e.g. I can open the page for the certificate types and edit the types.

    I followed step-by-step the install documentation, installing all recommended patches and the JasperReport-plugin (with composer) too. Java server is running and his IP is edit into the administration form. Crontab is edit.

    With a former Certificate-installation in ILIAS 5.1 on the same server (Debian 8, php5, Java 8) one year ago I had no problems, all went very well.

    Have someone an idea?