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  • panosilio | panosilio | 02. Sep 2016, 08:10
    Edited on: 02. Sep 2016, 08:11 - by panosilio | panosilio
    SystemNotifications plugin alternative RichTextEditor

    Hello everyone,

    I am testing the SystemNotifications plugin and I was wondering if there is a way to change the RTE that this plugin uses.

    I would like to post notifications with images in them and to be able to use some more advanced HTML tags.

    The RTE that the plugin offers has limited editing operations and only accepts basic HTML tags i.e. <b> or <i> .

    Is there a way to make it use the RTE that ILIAS has for forums? That would be great.

    Thank you all in advance.

    I am using ILIAS 5.1.8 and SystemNotifications v1.4.1


  • fschmid | fschmid | 02. Sep 2016, 09:20
    SystemNotifications plugin alternative RichTextEditor

    Hi Panos

    The plugins is currently developed to not support pictures since this needs further development such as WebAccessChecker (which would simply deny delivering the images) and so on. Pictures in the notification have not been asked by the customer which payed for the RTE-support in SystemNotifications. Basicly the SystemNotification uses the same RTE as the Forum but does not suppert every feature of the RTE.

    In general this could be implemented, and with ILIAS 5.1 it is easier for plugins to use the WebAccessChecker. You can contact me ( ) if your interested in this feature.

    Best regards


  • panosilio | panosilio | 02. Sep 2016, 09:47
    SystemNotifications plugin alternative RichTextEditor

    So from what I understand its not just a simple matter of adding more functionality to the editor that is being used by the plugin. It also needs for the code of the plugin to be re-written to support images and advanced html tags (i.e. tables).

    Am I correct?

  • cgruenewald | cgruenewald | 09. Nov 2018, 11:56
    Edited on: 12. Nov 2018, 13:49 - by cgruenewald | cgruenewald
    No RTE visible

    Hello everybody,

    we've installed the Plugin SystemNotifications but I can't see the RTE. We are using ILIAS 5.3.10.

    Do you know if I have to activate the editor somewhere?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Best regards,