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  • Huening | Huening | 18. May 2011, 09:46
    Adobe Connect Plugin
    Hallo allerseits,

    ich habe der ReadMe-Datei folgend das Adobe Connect Plugin bei uns installiert.
    Es taucht auch unter Plugins auf aber dann müsste man (laut ReadMe) einen Update-Button klicken und den habe ich nicht. Entsprechend kann ich das Adobe Connect plugin dann auch nicht aktivieren. Der Entwickler hat bisher auf meine Mail nicht geantwortet und deswegen versuche ich es dann mal auf diesem Wege.
    Ich habe einen fiesen Verdacht: Wir setzen die Version 4.1.3 ein. Kann es sein das das Plugin nur mit 4.0.x lief?
    Carmen Hüning
  • Andres_e | Deleted | 18. May 2011, 11:30
    Edited on: 18. May 2011, 12:37 - by Andres_e (Deleted)
    Adobe Connect Plugin

    Hi Carmen,

    Current,Adobe Connect plugin, by default only installs on Ilias 4.0.x, but that could be easily changed and AFAIK there are no problems runing the plugin with 4.1.x

    To enable 4.1.x for the plugin you have to edit the plugin.php file and change the following line:

    $ilias_max_version = "4.0.999";


    $ilias_max_version = "4.1.999";

    Anyway there was someone working on a new version of this plugin, and there are also other initiatives for using another virtual classrooms software, as openmeetings ( and Big Blue Button (be kind its only in alpha state...

    And others... check this for more info:



  • Huening | Huening | 19. May 2011, 13:09
    Adobe Connect Plugin

    It works!!!

    Thank you very much especially for answering to a german lanuage posting.



  • Andres_e | Deleted | 20. May 2011, 12:44
    Adobe Connect Plugin

    No problem, google autotranslator works wonders :-)

    But yes, writing in english targets a much broader audience, its always a good idea to use it, when asking for feedback.





  • mgalan | mgalan | 07. Mar 2013, 09:36
    Re: Adobe Connect Plugin

    Has anybody test the version 0.1.2 of the Adobe Connect Plugin developed by Nadia Ahmad? I tested but not work fine. In the Feature Wiki of the Plugin say "...Needs changes in ILIAS core...", do you knowk what changes we have to apply??

    Thanks in advance, Manuel.
  • pihrler | pihrler | 31. Jan 2019, 17:08
    Adobe Plugin and Session-Cookie


    I haven't testet intensively, but there seems to be a problem:

    We use the DFN-Server. When I login into ILIAS an start an Adobe Connect Session and logout of ILIAS and login as another user using the same browser, then I land in the former Adobe Connect Session. So, my guess is that the Abobe Cookie is not deleted when logging out of ILIAS?