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  • kzimmermann | kzimmermann | 06. Nov 2018, 13:26
    Optimize tables in Mariadb

    our database was migrated from Mysql to Mariadb 10.1 some time ago. All tables are InnoDB. Our ILIAS version is 5.3.9.

    Is it recommended to optimize tables frequently in Mariadb? What is the best practice for this? In Mysql, we used a script with "mysqlcheck --optimize" every night.

    Best regards, Klaus
  • kzimmermann | kzimmermann | 07. Nov 2018, 12:04
    Re: Optimize tables in Mariadb
    It seems that our Mariadb is already configured to do the defragmenting automatically. Yesterday mysqltuner complained that 1 table required an "Optimize table", but today it reports 0 defragmented tables.